About Rebecca Augustine 

Love  Encourage  Inspire

 About Rebecca and Her Book 

Hello, loving friend,

I'd like to share a little with you about myself and my book.

I wrote my "handbook for the world" from the vernal equinox to the winter solstice of 2020. (I live in the northern hemisphere.)

While the world was hushed and still, I gathered my thoughts, refined my ideas, reviewed my techniques, and put them together into a 52-week process to guide you through the process to  transform yourself into the state of being love.

I hope that my book brings you much value, and that you find the tools and techniques for personal growth, transformation, and love, to be useful and helpful.

Today, through my work as an ordained interfaith minister, writer, life coach, and public speaker, I teach, minister, and live out, to the best of my ability, the practice of love without cause, reaching out to all with compassion, encouragement, comfort, and inspiration.

I hope to bring a calm and gentle grace to all my professional interactions, providing a peaceful space where strangers become friends: accepted, welcomed, and appreciated.

I make certain each person will be heard, listening deeply and thoroughly, and giving my attention and consideration to what others say.

truly wish to love each and every person with dorean love, expressing to others the acceptance, compassion, love, and joy that my inner work produces.  

 About Rebecca's Background 

A little bit more about me:

Recognized as a Human Rights Defender by Amnesty International, I advocate for personal and social change through conscious action. 

I earned a B.A. in Sociology from North Dakota State University and several degrees in seminary, and am a lifelong learner across a wide variety of disciplines. 

I am the Chancellor of St Joan of Arc Theological Institute for Gnostic and Metaphysical Studies, and the Senior Pastor of the Church of St Sophia. St Sophia's is a member church of the Temple Magdalene Unity Fellowship, a gnostic spiritual church community dedicated to restoring the Infinite Divine Feminine to her rightful place within the field of human consciousness.

I love to officiate weddings, blessingways, naming ceremonies, and home and land blessing rituals. I take great joy in bringing a spiritual perspective to life's milestones.

Proud member of the First Responder Chaplain Division

Most of all, though, I delight in spreading the message of love without cause. I believe this kind of love is transformative, bringing positive change to individuals, groups, societies, cultures, and the entire world.

I believe that love without cause enables people to step outside their own emotional reactions as well as the emotional reactions of other people. Love without cause offers people the ability to choose their response rather than impulsively reacting. 

When I step away from my writing, you can find me anywhere in nature. I seek out earth and water, choosing to spend as much time as possible in the woods and hills of Minnesota's lakes country.

 I am a devoted herb and flower gardener. I live in my garden all summer, and in my kitchen by the fireplace all winter. I married my favorite curmudgeon, Mike, and we live in a pretty green house with our puppy-cat Grey.

A portion of my herb and flower garden


• Past Grand Master, Sovereign Order of the Mystic Knights of St. Mary Magdalene

• Chancellor, St Joan of Arc Theological Institute for Gnostic and Metaphysical Studies

• High Ambassador, Order of the Grail

• Senior Pastor, Church of St Sophia, member church of the Temple Magdalene Unity Fellowship

• Commander, First Class, International Order of the Knights of Saint Luke

• Mage of the Realms, Eternal Order of the Magi

• Ovate, Order of Ancient Celtic Druids

• Chaplain, First Responder Chaplain Division, Spiritual Care Association

• Contemplative Clergy, Order of St Luke


• Gold Medal, Minnesota Academy of Sciences

• Research Paper Presenter, Nobel Conference, Gustavus Adolphus College

• Ph.D. in the Science of Metaphysics

• Doctor of Divinity (Hon. Causa)

• Verified Human Rights Defender, Amnesty International

• Medal of St Luke the Physician

• Passion For Excellence Award


• Professional Member, First Responder Chaplain Division, Spiritual Care Association

• Professional Member, Reiki Healers Association

• Authority Member, Nonfiction Authors Association

• Charter Member, Professional Writers Alliance

• Lifetime Member, Alpha Kappa Delta Sociological Honor Society

• Lifetime Member, Epsilon Kappa Alpha Academic Honor Society


• Usui Shiki Ryoho Master Teacher

• Quantum Light Reiki Master Healer

• Violet Flame Reiki Master

• Celtic Reiki Master

• Crystal Reiki Master

• Animal Reiki Master

• Master EFT/TFT Practitioner

• Art of Energy Healing Practitioner

• Master NLP Practitioner

• Certified Life Coach

• Certified Mindfulness Coach

• Metaphysician

• Munay Ki Shaman


Love Without Cause: 

Create Inner Transformation, 

Renew Your Thinking, 

And Be Love in a World That Doesn't Deserve It

Now available on Amazon

Hardcover, Paperback, and Kindle Editions